Considering a customer data platform evaluation?

For at least a little while, this should close out the string of posts aimed for folks early in the evaluation/consideration process. It has been fun, but this week I will switch gears and start posting for folks who already have a customer data platform, or who are planning for its use. I've included a wrap-up of these first posts below.

I really feel for anyone tasked with evaluating customer data platforms. There is so much similar information out there, and a lot of it is somehow both conflicting and correct. For example, in his Analytics Neat podcast, Bill Bruno advocates for building out some of the capabilities that CDP deliver using technology you already have. That sounds like "build versus buy", which is a debate covered in MarTech Advisor's interview with ActionIQ CMO Marc Parrish. His perspective is that you don't try to build a Ferrari, if you want the best Ferrari. You just buy it.


It may be overused, but it's not a terrible analogy. To me, though, the best-fitting CDP for your organization is the one that looks like a Ferrari to you.

Looking forward to the new posts -- in the meantime, here's the wrap up of the first set of information, best for organizations early in the consideration phase trying to figure out:

  1. Do you need a customer data platform?
  2. Where and how would a CDP fit into your current marketing technology stack?

... not that these answer all things... but hopefully it is a start! If anyone has questions, I would be happy to take them for future posts or for a quick discussion. Thanks for reading!

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Bill Bruno

Great points, Todd, and appreciate the mention as well. With so many vendors claiming to be a CDP, my point is more to determine as an organization what you’re trying to achieve and then pick the right technologies to do that in a scalable way. So, very much aligned with your “what looks like a Ferrari to you” concept. From an evolutionary perspective, organizations might be perfectly happy simply starting with some data and using a testing platform at Stage 1. What we are really trying to do is collect and centralize data from many sources and do something with… Read more »