5 quick things about customer data platforms and data democratization


On this day before Independence Day in the US, what better subject to cover than data democratization. This is a customer data platform blog, so here are five quick things about customer data platforms and data democratization!

Thing #1: Data democratization isn't just about access for reporting and analysis. It is also about access for action.

Thing #2: Customer data platforms enable democratized action based on customer data.

Thing #3: Small wins are possible in a silo, big wins come as a result of more teams using and contributing to customer data.

Thing #4: Good customer data platforms help address democratization concerns in many ways. Examples: centralizing and recording access to customer data, enabling transparency and controls for GDPR/CCPA/sound business practices.

Thing #5: CDPs create a common ground, a town hall of sorts, for teams to interact with customer and other first-party data.

Happy 4th, US readers! Happy Wednesday everyone else!

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