Centralizing decentralization ftw

In customer data land, centralization is generally a good thing. Efficiencies are created. Boom!

Moderation is key, though, and sometimes exceptions to the rules are warranted. Especially in the case of internal centers of innovation.

Want the latest and greatest? Sell up!

It's wonderful when the latest and greatest technologies are handed down from the top without nary a peep.

It does not always happen, though, does it.


Getting an organization to consider evaluating new marketing technology can be tricky. Good news! Customer data platforms can be fast friends for teams who innovate with customer data, teams who may be actively clashing with the top-down vision of centralization. Here are two decent selling points for these teams who want to be doing more with data:

1. CDPs are the anti-silo.
Customer data platforms sit up against centralized systems, extending their capabilities and providing a feedback loop.

2. Customer data platforms solve for so many use cases with customer data it would take years to work through all of them.
Take the time to consider the next two or three things your team would do, and what the potential results of those projects would be.

Being armed with this information is a great starting point. In the end, we all want the efficiencies delivered by centralization. These efficiencies do not need to be disregarded as part of projects that seem to be introducing new or parallel customer profiles. It is less important for customer profiles to be centralized for the sake of centralization than it is to ensure that centralization is not leading to trainwrecks or slowdowns of ridiculous proportions.

Good luck!

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