Coming soon: our first Customer Data Platform Buyers’ Guide

Happy October! 

This month will bring two frequent requests to fruition on CDP Resource: 

  1. More information about providers of customer data platform technology
  2. More information on customer data platform use cases

More providers: On or around 10/31, our first "Customer Data Platform Buyers' Guide" will be published!

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This guide will introduce over sixty (60!) providers of CDP technology, assigning feature-based categorization and detailing highlights to set buyers off on the right path from the start. In the meantime, several "CDP Spotlight" posts will land on the blog starting this week. These will be a more fun view of some of the top providers out there written in conjunction with provider content teams.

More use cases: 
In addition to "5 things" posts, a string of "problems customer data platforms solve" posts will start landing on the site mid-month.

Coming tomorrow: I'll rattle off the current list of providers in case anyone notes a discrepancy we might be able to fix before end of month!

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