CDP Spotlight: Celebrus

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More to come on the guide, especially if you're signed up for it (sneak preview next week!) ...

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do something different. While the guide should be founded in objective, vendor-neutral viewpoints as best as possible, I wanted to invite some of the providers to tell us their story. Right here! Right now!

For the most part, this series will be written by the providers themselves. I've asked them to complete a version of "who/what/where/why/when" that should give a perspective that you might not get all in one place otherwise. Introducing...

The CDP Spotlight Series!

Here's how it will go: providers will explain WHAT they are/do. They will explain WHY an organization should choose them as a partner. We'll get to know the company a bit as we hear about WHO works there and WHERE. Finally, we'll close out getting a better understanding of WHEN key events in the providers' timeline occurred.

A natural CDP

I first came into Celebrus around five years ago. I was in search of good digital analytics partners for organizations migrating off of an old digital analytics system called NetInsight (RIP), which presented data ingestion and sharing challenges that Adobe and Google could not help with, especially not a way back then. I've considered blaming Celebrus for my initial interest in what weren't called customer data platforms yet. As a long-time analyst and frustrated consultant, the promise of action -- real action -- and not just actionability, was quite a draw.

What Celebrus had was mind-blowing at the time, and it still is. Celebrus' unique approach to web and mobile data collection and enterprise-friendly capabilities set them in a class of their own when compared to the rest of the field. Beyond the data collection, however, Celebrus features all of the core components of a customer data platform and so I am quite excited and thankful for Celebrus to be the first provider to be included in the CDP Spotlight series!

(This mainly concludes my portion of this post.)

What is Celebrus?

Celebrus is a mature product (established 1999!) aimed towards large enterprises (banks, insurers and leading retail businesses) who require a CDP that can capture a complete audit trail of each individual customer’s behavior and experience in the simplest way possible, without JavaScript tagging. All this up-to-the-second 1st party data is automatically stitched, for every individual customer with their past history and other, third party data in real-time. The result? Highly detailed profiles, which contain the level of detail needed to power genuine 1-to-1 personalization and streaming analytics.

Celebrus is easy to deploy and connects to the sophisticated data applications which banks and insurers use to gain insight and engage with their customers. Financial services organizations also choose Celebrus due to the complete control of their customer data it delivers. These organizations are highly regulated and need a solution that can ensure their compliance, safeguarding their 1st-party data through rigorous penetration testing and flexible options for hosting data on-premise or securely in the cloud.

Why choose Celebrus?

Due to our extensive heritage, Celebrus has been deployed in many enterprise scale businesses around the world, including over 50 deployments in leading financial services organizations. These customers chose Celebrus because they require:

  • Complete control of customer data
    • On-premise deployment capabilities – many CDPs are cloud only
    • Highly secure and compliant solution with all the relevant accreditations
  • Accurate view of each individual customer
    • Capturing all experience and behavior data
    • Creating complete, enriched customer profiles through joining data captured from all digital and offline interactions
  • Optimized next-best-actions
    • The only CDP that can connect structured data to best of breed decisioning solutions (Teradata, Pega and SAS) in milliseconds
    • Celebrus real-time rules can be leveraged to trigger decisioning systems

Typically, Celebrus clients are:

  • Risk averse and security conscious
    • Financial service organizations with heightened compliance challenges
  • Striving to overcome messy data challenges
    • Using Celebrus to replace multiple data collectors
    • Aiming to eliminate siloed customer data
  • Highly innovative and mature
    • Early AI/ML technology adopters who strive to achieve genuine 1-to-1 marketing
    • Organizations who understand the value of enhancing the customer experience and recognize the need for high quality data to achieve this.

Who is Celebrus and where are you all?

Celebrus is a product owned and marketed by D4T4 Solutions Plc, whose head office is located a short distance outside central London, employing approximately 150 highly skilled individuals who are spread around our UK, USA and India facilities. We are a multi-cultural team of friendly, passionate and inventive individuals who work hard to achieve our goals and believe in the following:

  • Aim beyond customer satisfaction - By delivering successful projects, we add real value to our clients’ businesses and we strengthen our client relationships in the process.
  • More than the sum of all parts - Our focus on teamwork means you can always rely on someone to help you.
  • Remain fluid in our approach - Adaptability means we continuously develop our skills and improve our methods to ensure that we deliver highly successful projects.

When was Celebrus founded? Any other key dates?

Having been founded in October 1999, Celebrus has been continuously developed over almost two decades to meet the needs of our enterprise clients. Throughout this period, Celebrus has invented and achieved patented status for many unique firsts, all of which are designed to meet the ever-evolving challenges of capturing data from browsers, apps and other channels. We were acquired by D4t4 Solutions Plc in 2015 and the merger of the two businesses has been extremely successful for customers, employees and shareholders alike.

That's all, folks!

This was super fun! While my nose is to the grindstone on this buyers' guide, which you can sign up for here, I'll continue to post these spotlights on individual vendors... thanks to the team at Celebrus for giving my typing fingers a break!

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