CDP Spotlight: BlueVenn

Woohoo! Another CDP Spotlight - this time, we're taking a look at BlueVenn.


I have a lot of fun using BlueVenn, along with BlueConic and BlueShift as an example of just how much work I have ahead of me in releasing a "customer data platform buyers' guide" that covers some 85 providers. It would seem that this is the decade of ColorSomething, if not SomethingAnimal/AnimalSomething. I digress! Well, one more thing -- you can access the guide here.

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The CDP Spotlight Series

In case you missed the first spotlight post, here's how it will go: providers will explain WHAT they are/do. They will explain WHY an organization should choose them as a partner. We'll get to know the company a bit as we hear about WHO works there and WHERE. Finally, we'll close out getting a better understanding of WHEN key events in the providers' timeline occurred.

See for yourself!

In the early stages of marketing technology evaluation, there is nothing you love more to see than a recorded demo of actual product. Cheers and two big thumbs up to BlueVenn for hosting a demo on YouTube, though they've kindly requested that the link to that video be taken down... too much innovation, I guess! Nobody likes to see the old laundry. They recommend signing up for a live demo, which happens at least every other week:

Big thanks to the team at BlueVenn for filling us up with the following information, as well.

(This mainly concludes my portion of this post.)

What is BlueVenn?

BlueVenn is the award-winning marketing platform that combines a Customer Data Platform with an omnichannel marketing hub, connecting marketers with customers for over 30 years.

Specifically designed for enterprise marketers to unify their customer data into a Single Customer View, BlueVenn coordinates consistent, integrated and personalized campaigns through every marketing channel. Drag & drop data analytics, predictive insights and segmentation tools help marketers to understand their customers better and optimize the customer experience - all in one browser-based solution!

Single Customer View

BlueVenn is the first and only Customer Data Platform with a customizable and configurable Single Customer View. This gives users unparalleled control of their data for better personalization and more accurate, consistent marketing.

The BlueVenn Marketing Platform gives marketing teams the power to integrate data sources from across an organization, using automated point-and-click methods, and will unify customer data to create a Single Customer View and a ‘Golden Record’ for every customer.

Marketers can use BlueVenn to view every

 click, open, visit, like, transaction or interaction a customer has had with their brand, all tied to a single deduplicated customer record and shared with CRM reporting and marketing systems.

BlueVenn ensures that time is never wasted cleansing, matching or preparing data, and campaigns never grind to a halt because the data is slowing things down. Data loaders, ETL templates and real-time extensions make connecting data sources easy. Plus with GDPR and data privacy management tools for handling SARs, portability, and the full deletion of customer data, it helps to mitigate the potentially costly risk of mishandling customer data. This is a truly marketer-managed Customer Data Platform!

Analytics and predictive insights

BlueVenn’s omnichannel marketing puts business-changing analytics into the hands of everyday marketers. Predictive insights, RFV analysis and other pre-built analytics help marketers understand their customers better. Then simple drag & drop data visualizations enable you to create hyper-targeted segments, campaign selections and audiences like never before.

Need to know who your best customers are? And segment them by channel? Need to better understand attribution? Want to find out which customers are about to churn? And why? Which campaigns have worked best? What is the perfect audience for my next marketing campaign?

Every question has an answer that is just a few clicks away. Dynamic graphs, charts, maps, Venn diagrams, bubbles and data blocks are all useable as visual, drag & drop tools to uncover patterns in behavior, optimize campaigns and better understand the customer journey. Having marketer-friendly analytics and insights in BlueVenn’s omnichannel marketing tools also means you can push these targeted segments straight into acquisition, cross sell, upsell and retention campaigns.

Air Traffic Control for Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

BlueVenn’s omnichannel marketing is the air traffic control command centre for all online and offline marketing. It stitches marketing channels together into one drag & drop campaign workflow, enabling marketers to create consistent, personalized marketing campaigns regardless of channel, device or platform. Across email, SMS, CMS/ecommerce, direct mail, social media, mobile, call centers, POS and advertising platforms, we play nicely with everything!

By integrating existing marketing channels into BlueVenn, it enables you to trigger next best actions and automate dynamic marketing campaigns that allow every channel to trigger every other channel. Data flows back and forth, in real-time, enabling instant triggers based on clicks, opens, visits, views, time lapsed, responses, reviews, transactions and abandonments.

Plus our new customer journey optimization modules, customizable scoring rules, time-based rules, customer tags, and a real-time predictive engine, make it the most feature-rich omnichannel marketing automation platform for B2C marketing.

Real-Time Personalization and Digital Intelligence

BlueVenn’s Relevance module can be deployed quickly to start tracking known and anonymous online users. It can then start interacting with them or customizing their digital experience in real-time.

With BlueVenn’s real-time tools, marketers can better engage with customers at appropriate touchpoints with contextual, personalized content, recommendations and offers, or trigger real-time actions to drive behavior such as abandonment emails, welcome messages, popovers and countdown timers.

By collecting and storing the clickstream data about every page, product or content viewed, every conversion or abandoned cart and every device, browser or location, it gives you digital intelligence that is fed directly into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform. This is then unified alongside all your other offline, CRM and channel-specific data.

Used in conjunction with BlueVenn’s marketing automation tools and Customer Data Platform, it provides the complete omnichannel marketing solution.

Why choose BlueVenn?

BlueVenn is the first and only organization to combine a Customer Data Platform with a full range of marketing capabilities such as advanced customer analytics, real-time personalization and omnichannel automation. We focus solely on our clients’ needs and the ways in which we can help them overcome technical difficulties, ensuring they execute real-time campaigns based on clean and consolidated data.

Our extensive company history gives us an unparalleled level of knowledge and insight to the world of customer data and the ways in which marketers can use it to enhance their campaigns. BlueVenn was the first organization to construct a columnar-based database, giving unrivalled speed in an age where it would take minutes, or even hours, to find the data you were looking for. Moreover, with the aid of train-of-thought analytics, marketers can find the answers to questions as they go.

As BlueVenn grew over the years, we purchased LEAP Media Solutions as a strategic acquisition so marketers can “do it themselves” and plug any gaps they have within their department. This acquisition was made due to us witnessing the need for marketers to have the technology at their fingertips that would enable them to improve and enhance their campaigns themselves, without having to rely on third parties.

Who is BlueVenn and where are you all?

The people that make up BlueVenn bring together a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our management team has decades of experience in the world of database marketing, customer analytics and marketing technology, having implemented large-scale marketing solutions across the globe. Moreover, our research and development team consistently delivers new and innovative technologies and integrations that play a key role in our roadmap.

The BlueVenn team has been operating since the dawn of database marketing and constructing Customer Data Platforms before the term was even coined. As a result, we have a deep understanding of data unification and omnichannel marketing, having constructed well over 400 CDPs.

At BlueVenn we are always striving to be industry pioneers and never settle for anything less than what we set out to achieve. We embrace an x1x philosophy: plugging infinite data sources into a single, central decision platform and then executing campaigns across infinite channels. As innovators, we have taken the first steps in building unique technology and many of our competitors have since spent years playing catch-up.

BlueVenn’s main offices are located in Raleigh, NC and Bristol, UK, meaning we are perfectly positioned to help companies unify and utilize their customer data from anywhere in the US and Europe.

When was BlueVenn founded? Any other key dates?

Although BlueVenn was founded 2013, the organization has its roots in 1999, operating under the name smartfocus. As smartfocus, we were using the same marketing automation and analytics technology that has today driven BlueVenn to the forefront of omnichannel, data-driven marketing.

The product used by smartfocus, Viper, was the the first-ever columnar-based marketing automation platform for super-fast analytics. Smartfocus then rebranded as BlueVenn, upgrading Viper into the first and only Customer Data Platform with integrated omnichannel marketing automation and a built-in ‘train-of-thought’ analytics engine.

In 2018, BlueVenn acquired LEAP Media Solutions, a provider of customer analytics, strategy and marketing campaign services to newsmedia companies.

Until next time...

Thanks again for reading! I will keep on keeping on with the buyers' guide, which you can sign up for here, and I'll continue to post these spotlights on individual providers.

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