CDP Spotlight: Simon Data

It's been a little while since the last CDP spotlight post, glad to be getting back on track! Today let's hear from Simon Data, one of the 95 providers listed in the 2018 Q4 Customer Data Platform Buyer's guide, which you can get here.

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Simon Data was also in the list of "platforms to watch in 2019" in that guide up there which I will explain at a later date, and talk a bit about why each platform was selected. Of the 95 providers, I've had a chance to use several and see demonstrations of dozens -- from the Simon Data demo I could see that there was focus on revenue (always important!) as segment creation would provide not only sum totals of members, but also observed lifetime value (LTV) metrics and average monthly revenue coming in from the segment. It was a fun one!

The CDP Spotlight Series

In case you missed the first spotlight posts, here's how it goes: providers will explain WHAT they are/do. They will explain WHY an organization should choose them as a partner. We'll get to know the company a bit as we hear about WHO works there and WHERE. Finally, we'll close out getting a better understanding of WHEN key events in the providers' timeline occurred.

(This mainly concludes my portion of this post.)

What is Simon Data?

Simon Data is the first ever enterprise customer data platform with a fully integrated marketing cloud.

The Simon platform drives next-generation personalized experiences to increase engagement and retention. Simon leverages any and all customer data to optimize multi-channel delivery across email, push/in-app, SMS, onsite, ads, and direct mail. Their unique approach allows brands to develop incredible personalization capabilities without needing to build and maintain massive bespoke data infrastructure.

First, Simon is able to ingest all customer data regardless of format or source. Once ingested, the platform organizes the data to provide the client a single, unified customer view. This single customer view empowers businesses to easily create pointed customer segments for targeted, personalized messaging. With Simon’s fully-integrated marketing cloud, clients are able to send out these messages through Simon to any end marketing channel. Moreover, marketers are able to test messaging and campaigns, analyze the results, and iterate accordingly, ultimately increasing revenue and driving business value.

Why choose Simon Data?

Within the CDP landscape, Simon Data shines as the only existing CDP with a fully-integrated marketing cloud, providing deeper data-driven insights and analytics than competitors, and ultimately making 1:1 personalization more attainable for marketers – even those who are non-technical.

Simon further upstages its competitors through its ability to integrate with a wide variety of data types that is often not possible with existing solutions, and allows clients the flexibility to integrate with other technologies without adding additional stress on their engineering teams. Simon empowers the world’s savviest and most innovative companies to disrupt their respective industries by enabling them to quickly identify and act on unique opportunities hidden in their data.

Clients, such as Away, TrueCar, Blue Apron, Reformation, and Allbirds, are able to implement creative marketing strategies in a variety of channels, analyze the results, and iterate on proven successes.

Who is Simon Data and where are you all?

Simon Data is headquartered in New York City.  The company has more than tripled in size over the past two years, and with their rapid growth and market recognition, they raised $20 million in their Series B funding round this past summer.

The Simon team approaches their work seriously and tackles problems in a scrappy and disruptive fashion, yet have been able to scale to support enterprise clients at big data volume. They value their clients and work directly with them to understand both their needs and the gaps within the current marketing automation tooling landscape in order to continuously better the platform.

Simon’s culture is rooted in organizational transparency and the empowerment of individuals bonded by the shared attitude of getting things done.

The Simon team is comprised of valuable, smart leaders who cultivate these core cultural elements and contribute lasting value to both the platform and the company. They are driven by their passion for Simon and their commitment to disrupt the MarTech landscape by way of empowering the world’s most innovative marketers to create and execute on targeted marketing campaigns that were once not possible or even imagined.  

When was Simon Data founded? Any other key dates?

Simon Data was founded in 2015 by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs. They’ve grown to a head count of 70 employees to date, and raised $20 million in their last funding round, led by Polaris Ventures.

More to come!

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