How many “CDPs” are not customer data platforms?

Last quarter, I released the first CDP Resource Customer Data Platform Buyers' Guide.

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It's a textual snapshot of the CDP market, which seemed to grow by about 50% during the process of putting the guide together. "Green dots" and a category labeling system are there to help folks make sense of the field, but realistically these indicators only scratch the surface of all the research going on behind the scenes.

For a little bit of fun today, I thought I'd do a couple things that just can't be done with a PDF. In the guide, two categorization labels are applied to each platform. The aggregation of these data points is interesting in itself. Earth-shattering insights like this one can be found just by playing a bit with the categorization:

Over 25% of "CDPs" are not customer data platforms.

You can see this in the interactive visual below. 27 providers are excluded if you click the button on the top. Click the button again to include all categorization labels, then click the bar next to 'Not a CDP' to see which providers I wasn't too sure about first time around.

There is sure to be quite a bit of motion within this categorization between the 2018 Q4 guide and the 2019 Q1 guide. Stay tuned! We'll have platform additions, and we'll have platforms previously flagged as "Not a CDP" or "Becoming a CDP" or "New CDP" that age out of these categories. 

For a little more interactive buyers' guide content, check out the next post, "Fun with simple customer data platform ranking metrics".

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