Fun with simple customer data platform ranking metrics

In my previous brief interactive buyers' guide post, we get the answer to the question: "How many 'CDPs' are not customer data platforms?".  The report provides some insight into how categorization labels were distributed in the first CDP Resource Customer Data Platform Buyers' Guide. Today I wanted to have some more fun with interactivity, so let's take a look at a couple of simple metrics to help better understand where the CDP market is at right now. 

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Looking just a wee bit below the surface

I was elated to be invited back to the Digital Analytics Power Hour to be interviewed on the topic of customer data platforms for episode #103. At some point during the podcast, I let it slip that I maintain some "538-style" data points on the customer data platform market. With 95 platforms out there, I started to wonder which were appearing most frequently across other analysts work. The simple approach I took was to add fields in the CDPRMPDB, or the CDP Resource Master Provider Database :D, indicating which reports or directories each provider appeared in. Aside from Google, LinkedIn, and inbound contacts, I used seven reports/directories to compile the list of 95 CDPs for the first buyers' guide:

  1. CDP Institute directory
  2. CDP Institute vendor comparison matrix
  3. Real Story Group analysis
  4. MarketsandMarkets analysis
  5. MarTechAdvisor CDP buyer guide
  6. Scott Brinker's MarTech landscape (2018)
  7. Gartner's CDP market guide

So the first simple metric is just a count of how many of these the provider showed up in. Is it super meaningful? Not really, but it is interesting to know which platforms have been within the category or are understood to be leaders within the category by someone. The metric is in bright green below, labeled "inclusion total". Sure enough, providers with a 5+ tend to be more tenured platforms.

Another ridiculously simple metric can be created from the buyers' guide itself. The green circles next to providers in the buyers' guide can be transposed to numeric scores. Green circles? Perhaps you need to read the guide -- go do that and come back. Ok, remember these?

Let's create a scoring system where full green circles are 2 points, empty green circles are 1 point, and no circles at all leaves you with a 0 ("Not a CDP", though some in that category also scored at least 1 point in another category). This example above would be a 3. The maximum "buyers' guide total" a provider can have is a 4 (two filled green circles). In dark green below, this "buyers' guide total" is depicted alongside the inclusion total. Summed together, you get a definitively strange metric to sort things on but also an interesting picture of how CDP market research is currently shaped. Flip through pages 2 and 3 (see bottom left of chart) to see each metric on its own.

Providers at the bottom half of this list with more dark green than light green could be considered "under the radar" I suppose. I hope this helps a bit -- please do feel free to reach out if a printable copy of the guide, or access to any specific portions of the research might be meaningful for your organization. Thanks for reading!

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