CDP Spotlight: Lexer

Lexer was one of 95 platforms that made it into the 2018 Q4 Customer Data Platform Buyers' Guide by CDP Resource.

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Are there really 95 customer data platforms? Not quite... Those providers closest to being a CDP (e.g. two filled green circles in the guide) are the ones ending up here in spotlight posts.

Lexer landed in the guide with two filled green circles, being categorized as both a "B2C superstar" and "segmentation station" meaning that B2C marketers should find it easy to discover, analyze, create, and utilize segments based on their customer data. This visual from Lexer marketing (click it!) does a good job of wrapping that up -- you'll see segmentation examples based on pre-built algorithms for churn and high value, and clear depiction of capability to connect to multiple types of outbound channels and multiple vendors within a single channel.

The energetic and knowledgeable team at Lexer seems ready to build upon what appears to be a very solid foundation. Mentioned in the guide is a recent push towards the United States, as Lexer hails from Australia, and perhaps this is what keeps them a little under the radar within the CDP market. Place Lexer somewhere towards the right of the CDP spectrum, and keep an eye on them all year long as Lexer also made the little list of platforms to watch in 2019 at the end of the guide.

The CDP Spotlight Series

In case you are new to these spotlight posts, here's how it goes: providers will explain WHAT they are/do. They will explain WHY an organization should choose them as a partner. We'll get to know the company a bit as we hear about WHO works there and WHERE. Finally, we'll close out getting a better understanding of WHEN key events in the providers' timeline occurred.

(This mainly concludes my portion of this post.)

What is Lexer?

Lexer is software for Data Rockstars. From acquisition to growth to advocacy – our all-in-one segmentation and targeting hub has you covered. Use one tool or combine them all to deliver results your business will love. The combination of our simple user interface and built in data enrichment makes analysis easier, faster and more enjoyable for all team members.

“It’s so powerful to be able to do the customer research, segmentation and activation within a single tool.” - Anna Samkova, GM Digital at PAS Group

Lexer is the CDP for marketers at retailers and helps you to orchestrate personalized marketing across paid & owned channels to reduce wastage, improve customer experience and drive conversions.

“We wanted to establish a comprehensive view of customer,” Mohit Bhargava GM of Marketing and Sales for Village Entertainment says. “So, we sought out a repository of data (Lexer) that was user friendly, where we could ingest all member and customer information and create a unique identifier for every individual.” - CMO.

Lexer unifies your fragmented data into enriched customer profiles using advanced analytics and the best external data to improve decision making, customer service and marketing.

Key features:

  • Connect your customer data: real-time single customer view
  • Enhanced customer profiles: understand every customer
  • Make great decisions: acquire & grow customers
  • Create actionable segments: drive relevance and results
  • Effortless targeting: optimize every channel
  • Bottom line reporting: demonstrate real impact

Lexer makes it easy for marketers to access, query and action this powerful data.

All your customer data together at last
With all your data in one place you can save time and effort to understand your true relationship with every customer.

360° customer profiles accessible anytime, anywhere
Easy to understand profiles with advanced analytics you can actually use - improve marketing relevance and results faster.

Simple dashboards for self-serve insight
Only relying on your gut is a thing of the past, with powerful tools to surface the insight you need to make great decisions.

Create and modify valuable segments in seconds
Say goodbye to anonymous audiences - create real, addressable segments that matter.

Always-on audiences on any channel updated in real-time
With 3 clicks your audience is available and always up-to-date on any digital channel.

Know the true ROI with holistic reporting
With 360° data you’ll know how much every segment spends, redeems and converts.

“Matching the offer to the persona yielded very low CPAs, enabling us to grow our database by 85%.” Nick Adcock, CEO, Spyder

Why choose Lexer?

We are an omnichannel segmentation and targeting tool that is marketer friendly - Lexer’s customers love how easy it is to use.  Create, analyze and modify segments in seconds. Create cross-channel activations in 3-clicks. Lexer makes it simple for anyone in marketing to create truly targeted, cross-channel marketing.

“Our CDP (Lexer) will be used by everyone in the building, it’s just a matter of time” Moe Kiss, Analytics Manager, The Iconic

The Lexer CDP does all the heavy lifting - customer attribution, spend calculation, behaviour prediction and cross-channel unification - without you needing to do anything.

Support you can rely on

Lexer’s client service team have a constant commitment to ensure clients extract the greatest possible value from the data and tools we are engaged to deliver. Support and training programs are designed to ensure that users, managers, and executives to excel.

Who is Lexer and where are you all?

We're a team of passionate customer data experts in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Melbourne. Our product is proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that our culture center’s around creating genuine connections, echoing the no-nonsense spirit of Australia. We live this mantra throughout our 10 internal values and the way we work with clients.

A few of our values:

  • Commit to commit - we work through opposing views to always move forward.
  • Champagne taste, beer budget - we love the finer things in life but strive to be budget conscious, so that our profits are recycled into product.
  • Trust and be trusted - Lexi’s are empowered to fail, and trusted to succeed.
  • Clients, Clients, Clients - client’s first, always.

The Lexer team hail from a broad range of backgrounds: technology, data science, strategy, client-side and vendor. Lexi’s are hired for their problem solving skills, self-starting natures and passion. Lexer is an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ community members, and Lexer support and run initiatives that celebrate minority groups in technology businesses, like a recent talk given for International Women’s Day.

When was Lexer founded? Any other key dates?

Founded in 2009, Lexer was built in close-collaboration with its founding customers - optimising the feature set, design and data approach with every new client.

A testament to Lexer’s focus on customer needs is how we grew organically, without investment, until 2016 when rapid market expansion became a priority.  Over the last 18 months Lexer has doubled its global team, tripled its US operations and has had 3X growth in monthly active CDP users.

In 2019 Lexer is used by brands like Rip Curl, Kraft Heinz, Spyder, 5:11 Tactical, Paige Denim, IAG, Hush Puppies and more.

Thank you for reading!

I'll be back with more spotlights and some insight from research behind the buyers' guide. Again, if you haven't had a chance to review it, access it here for free information on 95 providers.

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