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As pointed out in a recent interactive post titled "Where o' where are the CDPs grown?", and as you might suspect based on the CDP Institute's expansion into the region, Europe is chock full of customer data platform providers. In the Netherlands alone we've got at least four!

Of those four, Nominow wins by far for the most fun name to say, and it should be noted that Nominow also made it to the list of platforms to watch this year in the guide. Why? Marketing utility is not often emphasized in the area of identity resolution -- Nominow takes a neat visual and testable approach to merging identities.

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And, in case you've missed this spotlight series, these are an opportunity for the providers to say some things about themselves. Providers are not paying to be included, they are invited by virtue of being listed as CDP technology in the buyers' guide. There's a consistent approach to putting them together, which looks a little something like this:

The CDP Spotlight Series

Here's how it goes: providers will explain WHAT they are/do. They will explain WHY an organization should choose them as a partner. We'll get to know the company a bit as we hear about WHO works there and WHERE. Finally, we'll close out getting a better understanding of WHEN key events in the providers' timeline occurred.

(This mainly concludes my portion of this post.)

What is Nominow?

Nominow collects and integrates touchpoint data from any source your organization may operate. It continuously builds and enriches customer profiles into a single data source of truth, serving as a most valuable source for any marketing campaign, event or other customer interaction you may want to initiate.

Get a complete and correct view of your customer’s profile. Nominow enriches your customer data and serves as trusted source for your marketing, analytics and predictions. Feed it with any data source you want: CRM, cash register data, email marketing, ecommerce etc. Nominow instantly improves the quality of your marketing effort.

  1. Gather customer data from all your available data-sources.
  2. Deduplicate and enrich client data and compose real valuable customer profiles.
  3. Use your validated customer profiles anywhere by synching data throughout the entire organization.

Smart segmentation allows you to analyze your customer data in order to identify and target specific individuals or market segments sharing specific characteristics. Use the Nominow Smart Segmentation feature to explore customers, cross and up sell prospects, create segments and audiences. Act on real and relevant characteristics and prepare your campaigns and events in the best possible way.

  1. Define dynamic customer segments, based on actual behavior registered in all connected applications.
  2. Export and sync campaign audiences automatically to your marketing applications ready for execution.
  3. Set up actions and triggers to continuously adapt to your customers' journeys.

Armed with actual and real data giving you a bright insight in your target groups, you are now able to execute campaigns that are far more relevant to your customers and therefore more successful.

Use the Nominow customer data platform to orchestrate any customer interaction like campaigns or events. Create, operate, manage and monitor any marketing effort to target the right individual and register, analyze and react on their response.

  1. Easily manage automated event-driven campaigns providing relevant content to your customer.
  2. Execute data driven campaigns auto piloting your other marketing applications.
  3. Learn from customer behavior to immediately have an optimized individual follow-up.

Nominow offers you state-of-the-art features to manage effective loyalty programs for your customers in order to grow retention. Extend and deepen your knowledge about your recurring customers by rewarding their loyalty. Know exactly what they like, where they go, how they respond. Growing both customer intimacy and your marketing intelligence.

  1. Create your own loyalty program, fueled by actual customer data available from all on- and offline touchpoints.
  2. Approach and treat your customers based on real purchase and response data.
  3. Target customers with individual fine-tuned promotions and deals knowing their (potential) value and behavior.

With Nominow as your single source of truth you now have the ability to predict your customers behavior. Anticipate market developments and outperform the competition. Use your customer data collected from previous campaigns or other interactions to discover patterns in the customers particular behavior and anticipate their next move. Nominow not only knows exactly who your customers are, but also what they want.

  1. Predict customer behavior or preferences using machine learning algorithms.
  2. Forecast on your business and campaign impact, anticipate sales.
  3. Identify and target those customers matching your expected and required behavior increasing your marketing ROI.

Get all the relevant information from your Nominow’s customer database in one overview. See how your data comes to life and experience our promise: “where data gets real”. With the astonishing dashboard feature in our customer data platform we give you clear and real-time insight on your performance. At a glance see the receipt, response and conversion rates of your campaigns, segmentation of your markets and get ROI information to optimize your marketing effort.

But that is not all. You can make any sort of segment-based analyses by adding specific filters. We designed and made it your dashboard giving you the insight you are looking for.

  1. Compose your own custom-made and interactive reports, displaying progress based on your own KPI’s.
  2. Improve results by sharing next steps and improvements.
  3. Still you can also connect Nominow data-streams to your existing BI/BA solution like Tableau.

Why choose Nominow?

We believe a well-known customer will be a happy customer. By knowing your customer, you can have a relevant dialog everywhere and at all times.  

Nominow is your “pure player” customer data platform. You will get in full control of your customer data with an actionable single customer view including all your customer data from various data sources like data management platforms (DMPs), marketing automation, email marketing, CRM, ERP and cash register systems, data warehouses, websites, e-commerce shops, mobile apps and social media.

We understand each company has its own optimized marketing technology stack, therefore every Nominow implementation is unique. Adapted to your specific needs as you wish.

Together we assess your situation, the context and strategic orientation in which Nominow will operate. We analyze your sources and use cases for data activation. We listen to specific requirements. Your Nominow solution is set up to your specific situation and needs. We ensure you get in control of your customer data with real actionable data and insights available on your demand. A typical Nominow implementation takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Summarized, your customers will experience:

  • A unique and relevant treatment by using a true actionable single customer view, connecting data from any online and offline data source.
  • Errorless dialogs feed by real-time up-to-date customer profiles. Continuously deduplicated, cleansed and harmonized ensuring their data is always correct.
  • Their data handled secured while showing you having full and secured control over their data meeting up with legislation like GDPR.
  • Well timed and personal promotions because you have shorter time-to-market for your marketing campaigns.
  • That they are never missed out in the action as their customer data fuels automated and data-driven communication programs.

In return you will get:

  • Better use of your existing stack strengthened with true customer data utilization everywhere.
  • Realtime insights in your campaign performance.
  • Increases in sales and reduced churn through predictive analysis-fueled actions.
  • Overall you will achieve a higher individual customer lifetime value.

Nominow, where data gets real.

Who is Nominow and where are you all?

Marketing Savvy Data nerds. That’s who we are. Based in the exciting city Amsterdam with a team of 14 we are developing the Nominow CDP to greater highs every day. Off-premise development teams in Europe and Asia are the additional power. Nominow CDP is continuously developed on a modern and innovative technology stack to deliver our clients and their customers a top-notch experience.    

When was Nominow founded? Any other key dates?

Nominow is being developed since the beginning of 2015 starting as a label of the creative agency The Valley. From January 2018 on Nominow is a separate own brand and autonomous company. In January 2019 a major new release of Nominow CDP went live, delivering the Nominow CDP SaaS solution on a modern and innovative micro-service architecture.    

Many more to come

Dozens of providers scored high enough in the 2018 Q4 guide to be offered spotlight posts -- stay tuned for more and for the 2019 Q1 guide due in March. In the meantime, read some of the interactive posts about the guide or access the guide itself for free information on 95 customer data platform technology providers.

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