Bye bye for now, CDP Resource

I will try to keep from a long and drawn out post here, but it is with great excitement that I say goodbye for now, CDP Resource. After a few years of CDP implementations and another year of independent analyst/consulting work in the CDP space, it is time for an adventure. An adventure that requires that CDP Resource is postponed.

CDP Resource came about as an independent resource for folks trying to figure out what kind of customer data platform was right for them. While I may still continue this effort to some degree, I'm pleased to announce that Quaero has created a conflict of interest for me. Independent I am no longer.

I encourage conversation with any and all parties who might be interested in having a discussion around the market, needs from a CDP, etc. At the same time, these discussions will now come from a point of view that is provider driven, to some extent, and so I'd ask each of you to take my own opinions as critically as any other provider.

It is my guess that I will take to LinkedIn to discuss in more detail, but this is all that will appear on CDP Resource on the subject for now. I will leave what is here. Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this effort.

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