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In case you missed the first CDP buyers' guide from CDP Resource, you can find it in the main menu of this site or you can click the button below -- you'll need to register with the site:

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The guide was released in November, and included quick takes and categorization of 95 providers. Within weeks, an update and shift to an online edition will take over the site. In the meantime, I have a handful of "CDP spotlight" posts lined up for our reading enjoyment.

Today we add Optimove, which is one of the few customer data platforms out there that has focused on being an instructive tool for marketers, synthesizing customer and campaign performance data to make recommendations on optimization. That sounds so boring, I can assure you it is not! Optibot has your back. You can have a quick look at Optimove by way of a 4 or 5 minute video here (you'll have to fill out a minimal form but will get immediate access).

Unlike the CDP guide, these spotlight posts are an opportunity for the providers to say some things about themselves. Providers are not paying to be included, they are invited by virtue of being listed as CDP technology in the buyers' guide. There's a consistent approach to putting them together, which looks a little something like this:

The CDP Spotlight Series

Here's how it goes: providers will explain WHAT they are/do. They will explain WHY an organization should choose them as a partner. We'll get to know the company a bit as we hear about WHO works there and WHERE. Finally, we'll close out getting a better understanding of WHEN key events in the providers' timeline occurred.

(This mainly concludes my portion of this post.)

What is Optimove?

Optimove is the Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub, used by over 350 customer-centric businesses to drive measurable growth by scaling customer engagement. Optimove combines the art of marketing with the science of data to autonomously generate actionable insight, empowering marketers to deliver highly effective personalized customer marketing campaigns across multiple channels. The company's unique technology suite helps marketers maximize customer spend, engagement, retention and lifetime value.

At Optimove’s core is a CDP that collects and processes all available data; enriches it with predictive analytics, such as Future Value and Risk of Churn; consolidates it into a single customer view; and creates a bespoke customer data model for advanced segmentation.  

Optimove clients leverage the software’s robust segmentation capabilities to orchestrate highly personalized customer journeys across multiple channels, with AI-driven optimizations and recommendations. On average, Optimove clients communicate automatically with 92 unique customer segments, across multiple channels, every day.

Optimove is used by leading brands of all sizes, including Staples, Family Dollar, Deezer, Adore Me, Go Compare and many others. With over 220 employees in New York, London and Tel Aviv, the company's revenue has grown 60% during the past year. 

Why choose Optimove?

Optimove implements a science-driven approach to planning, automating and optimizing a complete relationship marketing plan. Using predictive customer modeling, multi-channel campaign automation and AI-driven optimization, Optimove empowers marketers to deliver the right message at the right time via each customer’s preferred channels. This winning combination of data science and marketing art leads to significant increases in customer engagement, brand loyalty and lifetime value.

Optimove captures, cleanses and unifies all customer data, freeing marketers from IT- and BI-owned domains, such as accessing customer data and transforming it into actionable insights. Optimove leverages this data to create a brand-specific predictive customer model that adapts and responds to ever-changing customer affinities and behaviors. Marketers can easily create granular segments and activate them across both native and integrated execution channels, including email, mobile, ad networks and many others. Furthermore, Optimove empowers marketers by providing integrated campaign prioritization and segment exclusion mechanisms that ensure that customers are always targeted with the most relevant and effective message at any given moment, while eliminating marketing over-exposure. Optimove also helps marketers understand the exact impact that their marketing campaigns are having on the KPIs most relevant to their particular business.

By providing a holistic solution that addresses all of a marketer’s needs in one integrated interface, Optimove significantly shortens ideation-to-execution cycles from weeks to hours, facilitating marketing agility and operational excellence.

Optimove’s AI and machine learning technologies provide deep insight into any brand’s customers. The power of predictive analytics enables marketers to craft hyper-personalized customer communications, based on each individual customer’s likely future actions, making communication with customers far more welcome and effective. Catering to each customer’s specific needs creates strong, long-term relationships between a brand and its customers. With this in mind, Optimove provides new approaches to customer relationship automation, including Dynamic Customer Journeys and Realtime Behavior-Triggered Interaction.

With predictive analytics, marketing execution, and accurate measurement covered, automated optimization is the next obvious need for any brand aiming to scale their relationship marketing efforts. Optimove’s Optibot is the world’s first relationship marketing bot, helping marketers avoid the high cost of generalization typical of batch and blast campaigns. By autonomously identifying untapped revenue opportunities within the customer base and current marketing plan, Optibot makes it practical to leverage data for ongoing marketing performance improvement on a large scale.

Who is Optimove and where are you all?

The Optimove family is 220 strong, spread over three locations: New York, London and Tel Aviv.

We are professionals who do whatever it takes for our clients to succeed, because our clients’ success is our success.  We’re obsessed with what drives customer behavior and strive to provide our clients with the best solutions for fostering long-lasting customer relationships.

Our philosophy at Optimove is, “we won’t put you in a box.” Every employee is given the opportunity to grow, and to let their best sides shine. Most of the company’s senior management started in junior positions within the company and grew into their current executive roles. For example, our VP of Global Marketing started as an analyst and our CFO was originally the office manager. There’s a lot of internal mobility, empowering employees to maximize their strengths. We strive for excellence and support each other in the process. We like to think big, so our team is made of highly driven professionals with a wide range of interests and a fantastic sense of humor.

When was Optimove founded? Any other key dates?

Optimove was founded in 2009 as a customer data analytics and CRM strategy consultancy. The customer modeling and segmentation algorithms developed throughout the years, along with industry best practices learned from experience, were all baked into a SaaS offering launched in 2011. Optimove was bootstrapped from the beginning, investing its profits into growth and product development. In 2016, after building a 100-strong team, a viable product with proven product-market fit in several industries and a solid brand identity, Optimove entered a high-growth phase and accepted its first-ever investment, $20M in growth equity from Israel Growth Partners. Following this investment round, Optimove opened offices in New York and London. In 2018, the company acquired DynamicMail from PowerInbox, further solidifying Optimove as the relationship marketing vendor of choice for customer-obsessed brands.

Many more to come

Dozens of providers scored high enough in the 2018 Q4 guide to be offered spotlight posts -- stay tuned for more and for the 2019 Q1 guide due end-of-the-month. In the meantime, read some of the interactive posts about the guide or access the guide itself for free information on 95 customer data platform technology providers.

Editor’s note: the above paragraph is now untrue, only the existing CDP Spotlight posts will remain for now due to postponement of CDPR activities.

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