The hype around new marketing technology creates warranted concern. Is this shiny new thing going to live up to its promise?

Surely, not every promise for every customer.

What are you to do? Should you expect a solid return on your marketing investment, or delay after delay after delay?

The best advice I can give is to talk with others who have implemented customer data platforms, or used customer data platforms within their organization. We are at the point where reaching out to professional networks about customer data platforms yields results.

When discussing the finer points of customer data unification, activation, and execution, keep organizational structure and personnel differences in mind! Find out how value is being delivered by the solution and try to translate that as best you can to your own business.

Most importantly, know that there are dozens of vendors in the crowded space already, and the capabilities of each varies quite a bit.

If it helps to talk with someone else who has their eye on a pile of it, please connect on LinkedIn or directly.